How To Take Advantage of the Disappearing Solar Tax Credit Have you been thinking about making the switch to solar energy? Did you know there is a tax credit available that can reduce the overall cost of your solar installation?  If you want to take advantage of these Federally offered savings,

Understanding How Solar Energy Works

The sun has the power to generate enough electricity to keep your home sufficiently powered with the help of some essential technology. If you’re considering embracing solar power as your primary source of electricity, understanding how it works can help you

Solar Panel Prices Are Falling

In comparison to when the solar industry first started picking up speed to today, prices have greatly decrease to make it much more affordable for homeowners to start creating their own energy rather than paying SDGE every month.   Find Out

4 Step Solar Checklist

Every time we do a free home estimate, this is what we check for. Check the amount of usable sunlight hours your home is creating via SunCalc  Determine your average energy usage in kilowatt per hour based on your electricity bills See

Solar Milestone for San Diego

“Connecting 100,000 private solar rooftops is a clean energy milestone worth celebrating and signifies this community’s commitment to increasing energy from sources that help reduce our environmental impact for the benefit of future generations,” said Caroline Winn, SDG&E’s chief energy delivery

Solar Potential of San Diego

Solar panel installation in San Diego has the potential to greatly decrease the amount of carbon dioxide being emitted into the air. Alternative energy is the perfect way to save money while helping to San Diego’s Air clean. Source: Project Sunroof data

Wearing Nonslip Shoes

Unlike falling on a sidewalk or inside the home, falling on a roof can result in extremely serious and even catastrophic injuries. One way to further prevent falls is to simply wear a safety harness. This is a great safety device